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ECO6: Australia’s First Groundbreaking Biomass Optical Lens Material by our partner CR Surfacing Laboratories

In a world where sustainability is becoming increasingly important, ECO6 is a new optical lens material that is making waves. Made from plant-based biomass, ECO6 is a more sustainable alternative to traditional plastic lenses.

Sustainable Manufacturing

By replacing petrochemicals with biomass plant-based products, ECO6 is designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 14% compared to conventional petroleum-based products. The manufacturing process also uses less energy and produces less waste.

Consistent Tinting

ECO6 supports consistent tinting unlike previous 1.6 materials and 1.6 index tint-able hardcoats, with the substrate absorbing up to 85% tint density in any colour. The biomass material produces a consistent tint density and colour which provides superior colour matching abilities and is less likely to fade over time after being sealed with a non-UV cured hard coat.

Strength and Durability

ECO6 has the strength of a regular 1.6 index material, which makes it more than suitable for rimless, nylon and inline fitting methods. It is also more scratch-resistant than plastic lenses.

Certification and Availability

ECO6 is the only biomass lens material certified and recognised as a biomass product by JORA (Japan Organics Recycling Association) and USDA (United States Department of Agriculture). It is available across all CR Labs lens designs, and in stock single vision multi-coat lenses, including a 70mm diameter for +0.25 sphere to +2.00 sphere.

If you are looking for a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly option for your next pair of eyeglasses, ECO6 is a great choice. It offers all the same optical qualities as traditional plastic lenses, but with the added benefit of being made from plant-based materials.