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As much as we pride ourselves on identifying brands that use recycled materials in the creation of their products, we also strive towards recycling glasses. To enhance this initiative, we have teamed up with Lions Australia and their Lions Recycle For Sight Australia program. 

Lions Recycle For Sight Australia works to acquire unwanted and unused eyewear which is then refurbished and delivered to those in need all around the world. Since 1996, over 7 million spectacles have been distributed to people in need. 

It’s estimated that in the U.S and UK alone, over 3.6 billion contact lenses are disposed of either as general waste or flushed in a toilet. Being composed of plastic, contact lenses pose a huge problem in terms of microplastic pollution.

At Honour, we are striving to encourage our customers to recycle both their contact lenses and lens packaging. By incorporating a TerraCycle recycling box at our store, we provide a sustainable option for our customers to properly dispose of their contact lenses and packaging. 

For more information about our sustainability objectives, contact us.

Eco-Friendly Frames

The use of eco-friendly, recyclable materials in all the majority of our optical frames is a primary sustainability objective of ours. Our range of eyewear features frames made from various materials with the most common being Eco-Acetate.

Eco-Acetate is made from resources widely found in nature like cotton seeds and plant matter, using natural, non fossil fuel binders. That means the acetate part of a frame is non-toxic, recyclable, and certified biodegradable. 

OTIS, one of our sustainable stocked brands, provides a great visual of the eco-acetate process below.