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If there’s one brand that brings the fun to designer eyewear, it’s Woodys. Welcome to a brand where exuberant creations and mystical colours come together creating modern yet stylish frames. You’ll discover frames that blend contemporary elegance with a twist of retro style, making it one of the liveliest brands in our collection.

Woodys’ story kicks off in Barcelona, Spain where in 2013 its founder made the first pair from the scraps of a skateboard. Since then, the brand has evolved to where it is today – a stereotype breaker with a conscious focus on sustainability, tradition and quality. Each pair of Woodys frames reflects the brand’s dedication to utilising renewable materials, celebrating the uniqueness of bio and recycled acetate. 

Crafted with precision and care, quality is at the forefront of the company’s ambitions with each frame undertaking a 100-step handmade process. Each frame is then baked in an oven for 2 weeks as per an artisanal Japanese technique for greater resistance and flexibility. The result? Superior designer eyewear with a harmonious blend of charm, energy and modern design.

Woodys resonate with those who are seeking that statement of design and uniqueness with their eyewear. From classic creations with colourful modern twists to retro-future concepts that define the brands’ status, Woodys ensures that their frames become a statement of your values and aesthetic feelings.

It’s not all just about the look; it’s about the ethos. Woodys frames are more than just eyewear; they’re born to break with the mainstream and depict a world full of unique stories and characters. Each frame is a handmade work of art, a personalisation that speaks volumes about you as an individual. 

Woodys frames are suited to those who choose to be flamboyant yet stylish. Their eyewear is a symbol of their creative values with elegant and sophisticated combinations that enhance the look of each wearer. Whether you’re a busy professional, outgoing socialite or just someone that enjoys the vibrance of life, Woodys frames empower you to embrace the brighter side to your everyday.

In a world that sometimes seems dark, Woodys stands as a beacon of energetic radiance. Experience eyewear that’s a fusion of style and daringness.