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VAVA is a high-tech brand that reverberates futuristic, conceptual and timeless styles. Positioning its pieces as a functional artform, VAVA makes a statement for those seeking bold individuality. As you explore their range, you’ll be absorbed by frames that embody a fusion of artistic innovation and avant-garde design, redefining the way you perceive fashionable eyewear.

VAVA’s story is one of audacity and creative expression. Each pair of VAVA frames is a canvas for the brand’s passion for pushing boundaries, reflecting a commitment to delivering eyewear that’s not just fashionable but also works of art. With meticulous attention to detail and a penchant for unconventional aesthetics, VAVA stands as a testament to ‘daring to be different’.

Explore a collection of designer frames that speak to those who embrace individuality and modernity with open arms. From geometric shapes that challenge traditional norms to sculptural shapes that exude contemporary flair, VAVA ensures that their frames resonate with the free spirits and the trendsetters.

VAVA frames are more than just eyewear; they’re a reflection of a story that the brand is seeking – to break away from the ordinary. Each frame captures the essence of creativity, fostering a dialogue between crafts and high-tech, using the most advanced of technologies. 

VAVA frames speak to individuals who understand the power of unconventional beauty. Their designer eyewear isn’t just an accessory; it’s a symbol of your fearless approach to the Bauhaus movement. Whether you’re making a statement at a cultural event or expressing yourself at a trendy soiree, VAVA frames empower you to do so with artistic flair and uncompromising audacity.

In a conforming world, VAVA stands as the wolf of artistic exploration and fearless design, eliminating superfluous compositional elements, adornment and romanticism to build a neutral gender eyewear. Experience eyewear that’s as daring as your spirit.