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The perfect choice of eyewear that’s not just functional, but an embodiment of artistic expression designed especially for kids. 

Augie’s narrative is one of necessity, passion and creativity, with an unwavering commitment to delivering visually striking, technically advanced frames and stylish for any youngster. Each pair of Augie frames encapsulates a story, a work of art meticulously designed in Australia and crafted to adorn your child’s face.

Augie offers a treasure trove of designer optical frames Brisbane local kids proudly wear. From bold and daring colours that demand attention to subtle and refined designs that exude sophistication, the Augie’s collection is for individuals who view eyewear as a canvas for self-expression.

What sets Augie apart is their dedication to pushing the boundaries of design. As you explore their range, you’ll encounter frames that embody the perfect harmony between aesthetics and function – two crucial elements for those energetic kids! From circular, oval and rectangular to tortoiseshell, transparent and matte, Augie frames resonate with those who see the world through a creative lens. Those who either yearn to stand out from the crowd and make a statement that reflects their individuality or those who want some grounded identity. Whether they’re a trendsetter who sets the bar high or a laidback soul who finds beauty in minimalism, Augie Eyewear offers frames that empower everyone to celebrate their uniqueness.

And if you need another reason to support a great Aussie brand, Augie also supports Eat Now, which helps feed the 1 in 5 kids who go to school hungry every day in Australia. For every pair of Augie frames sold, they donate $2 to Eat Up which will provide two lunches for kids who need it. That’s the Aussie spirit!