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Honour Optometry and Avulux Collaborate to Provide Innovative Migraine Symptom Relief

Honour Optometry is thrilled to bring innovative Avulux migraine lenses to Brisbane residents dealing with migraines. In collaboration with CR Surfacing Laboratories, a premier prescription lens manufacturer, these lenses offer relief for individuals with light sensitivity and migraines.

Migraine episodes can be triggered or worsened by specific wavelengths of light. Avulux lenses, clinically proven and non-pharmaceutical, effectively filter out blue, amber, and red light that can cause or intensify migraines. With Avulux, patients often do not need to confine themselves to darkened rooms during migraine attacks.

In support of the partnership, CR Surfacing Laboratories pledges to donate $10 to Migraine Australia for each set of Avulux lenses sold. Migraine Australia is a national patient advocacy organization supporting Australians living with migraines and their families.

The Avulux migraine lenses have undergone independent clinical testing, showing that 72% of reported migraine attacks were free from light sensitivity symptoms when wearing Avulux glasses.

Commercial Development Director at CR Surfacing emphasizes the breakthrough technology of Avulux lenses, while Honour Optometry is excited to provide a solution that brings newfound hope and relief to Brisbane residents living with migraines.

If you are in Brisbane and seeking relief from migraines and light sensitivity, visit Honour Optometry today to explore the Avulux migraine lenses and experience a new level of comfort and relief.