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Sustainable eyewear brands at Honour Optometry

Using recycled plastic for eyewear frames was the first step in the industry’s sustainable path. Now all manufacturers of brands available in Honour Optometry have extended their commitment to sustainability further, integrating measures to save on energy, reduce water and chemical usage, and waste. 

At Honour Optometry, we care about the planet and are committed to making the right choices for the protection of our environment. 

When choosing sustainable eyewear brands for our store, we keep a critical eye on how they source raw materials, production process, and even the packaging. 

You can help us reduce the impact on the environment. The journey to sustainability is a long one, but one we are devoted to, and we are grateful for your support and participation.

One of our sustainability objectives is that each brand we stock must use material within the construction of their frames that is of a natural, recycled, recyclable or sustainable nature.

This includes solutions like bio-acetate that are composed of wood pulp and a plasticizer derived from a vegetable origin. This means the material is composed mainly of materials from renewable sources and biodegrades after only 115 days. For metal components of frames titanium & aluminum is optimal as they are almost 100% recyclable.

When it comes to packaging some sustainable eyewear brands choose compostable plastic to wrap and protect each frame, because although it may not be the solution that offers the best look, yet it is the easiest recyclable and biodegradable. Others use recycled and recyclable materials when possible, like the cardboard shipping boxes.

While larger companies like Safilo have more resources to put into developing environmentally friendly processes for making eco-friendly eyeglasses, there are many smaller businesses, including local ones, that are making a difference. For example, OTIS was founded on the western coast of Australia to create eyewear that transcends the boundaries between style, durability, sustainability & technical excellence or Fritz Frames whose frames are handcrafted from sustainably sourced timber/composite fiber and produced on the Sunshine Coast, Australia.

Sustainable eyewear brands at Honour Optometry otis